At August Women, we believe in self-expression through style, and that each garment should be as coveted as it is comfortable for any stage in life. Fiercely authentic and unapologetically accepting, our clothing is curated to transform with the women who continually inspire us. 

Our story

The idea for August Women came when Natascha was expecting her first child. For the first time in her life she felt a powerful expectation to move away from her style and love of self expression through fashion. What became clear was the lack of fashionable retailers that knew how to intelligently cater to and dress a woman's changing body. Natascha was determined to find a solution. She began to research brands and clothes that could work for her changing body. As she researched, she kept encountering other women feeling the same way. With her community in need, she embarked on a mission to solve this problem for women.  

In early 2021, Natascha reconnected with Emily, a colleague, friend, and fellow mom with whom she had an instant connection. Fashion, values, personality, work ethic, motherhood and drive are shared values that they have built their partnership on.

Emily and Natascha joined forces to create a retail experience that encourages women to feel empowered, confident, respected, impressive, and above all stylish during different stages of their lives.