“Quality time spent in exceptionally crafted & trustworthy products. It’s what drives us.”

Lunya, a luxury sleepwear company based in California, has a powerful mission statement that resonates strongly with us and is one of the reasons why we are so drawn to this beautiful brand.

Most of us relish the end of the day: when we shut our computers, slow down, pour a glass of something, read a story to our kids -- yet this glorious and most important leisure time is the most overlooked time in our day. It’s a time when many of us throw on an old frumpy t-shirt and a pair of waistless sweatpants. And hey, we’re not saying that those worn in comfort staples shouldn’t have a place in your closet (albeit tucked deeply in to the bottom of a drawer), we’ve found the solution to make you feel a little better, a little more like the modern woman that you already are, the woman that we see.

Lunya's History and Production Process

Our mandates have always been women founded, quality, and sustainability here at August Women and Lunya checks those boxes. Ashley Merrill, Founder & CEO of Lunya shares a similar story with our Founder. Struggling to find loungewear pieces that made her feel like the modern women she identified as, Ashley set out to create a brand that would make women feel beautiful, even during their leisure hours.

Lunya’s washable silk is a naturally thermoregulating silk helping you to maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature at night. The best part in our opinion? You can feel good about throwing this luxurious fabric right into the washing machine. For real. 100% of Lunya’s Washable Silk also uses bluesign®-approved dyes, because they are safer for dyehouse workers, the planet and you.

Whether you're just waking up or calling it a night, Lunya is your daily reminder to find beauty in the everyday. -- Lunya 

Our Take and Top Picks

Washable Silk Tee Sets

Our most coveted pieces and the ones on rotation in our bedrooms are Lunya’s Washable Silk Tee Sets. Em’s favorite is the deep blue. “I love the oversized, relaxed fit of the tee - still rocking my style even if my husband and kiddos are the only ones seeing it. I move around a lot when I sleep and there is no bunching or twisting in the shorts at all. Truly the best sleepwear - I am a total convert.”

Organic Pima Robe

For Tasch with the arrival of baby #2, the Organic Pima Robe is on heavy rotation for her. “Since the day we got home from the hospital, I have been living in this robe. The fabric is so soft and cozy against my newborn babe when we’re doing skin to skin, and I love the optional snap at the neckline that I can do up for extra coverage and easily undo when I need to pump. The pockets are so convenient for throwing my phone or babe’s pacifier in and did I mention the attached belt? No more misplaced belts! Even when operating on little to no sleep, this robe makes me feel beautiful and luxurious.”

Washable Silk Sleep Mask

Lunya’s Washable Silk Sleep Mask feels like a pillow for our eyes. This mask is a light pillowy cloud cocooning your face with the softest touch, giving you comfort when you sleep. It blocks out the light which is a sleep enemy for many of us, AND doubles as a headband during your beauty routine.

So go on, celebrate the most important time of the day and get into bed with Lunya.

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