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Les Citadines

Hologram Candle

Housed in beautiful holographic glasses, Les Citadines' hologram collection is a gorgeous statement in your home. The sparkling flame embellishes the glass, creating whimsical patterns that change color with ambient light.

OUD Scent: Evoke the exoticism of the Orient with the seductive and intense aromas of the OUD scented candle. Its woody fragrance is rich in nuances, ranging from sweet to earthy, with some notes of leather and spices.

PALO SANTO Scent: Mysterious, intoxicating and mystical, the Palo Santo scented candle helps channel positive vibes. Its fragrance honours the deep richness of this sacred south American wood.

TUBEROSA Scent: The sensual and gorgeous scent of this Tuberosa scented candle will envelop you. Its fresh and opulent fragrance evokes the heady flower of tuberose. We love lighting this candle during a bath. 

Scented candle in its diamond box. 240 g / 60 hours