Beautiful OUD scented candle from Les Citadines

When we set out on the August Women journey, there were a few things we were certain of.

August Women would be founded on a philosophy of promoting self worth, creating a community of women with shared experiences who believe in helping uplift one another.

August Women would be an apparel company, providing timeless fashion for all women during all phases of life.

And in time, we knew that marrying lifestyle offerings with our apparel collection would come, “One day,” we said.

But then we discovered Les Citadines and we embraced our launch of lifestyle way ahead of schedule. 

Who doesn't love a good candle? It is truly the greatest indulgence, complimentary piece to your home, and extraordinary gifting item.

After trimming and lighting many a wick, and putting our olfactory into overdrive, Les Citadines candles quickly became the “perfect candle” in the eyes (and noses) of August Women.

Founded by Brigitte Lépine, her candles are made in Les Citadine's Montréal atelier with a premium soy wax blend, 100% cotton wicks and beautiful fragrances.

This candle is a trifecta of candle perfection: visually stunning with their hologram designed glass vessel, perfectly slow and even burning wax, and scents that transport you to a beautiful time in your memory.

Not sure what scent speaks to you?

OUD -- feels like you took a trip around the world. Its woody fragrance is rich in nuances, ranging from sweet to earthy, with some notes of leather and spices. Our co-founder Emily's favourite scent (ever).

PALO SANTO -- don't let the powerful scent of palo santo intimidate you because the candle couldn't be more mellow. It's mysterious with hints of vanilla and deep richness of this sacred south American wood.

TUBEROSA -- if you know the beauty of tuberose, you just know. This scent is so spot on and is so sensual it will make you want to pour yourself a glass of wine while you draw a bath.

Just like our apparel pieces, candles need tender loving care too. Trim her wick before you light her each time, and she’ll burn 60 hours in return.

Our foray into lifestyle has never smelled so good.

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